Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Blog For Frugality Addicts

     If you are a tightwad, frugality maven, or are pathologically obsessed with saving money, this is the site for you.  While I love to learn new tricks to limit my spending, this blog will have much more than just that.  I will share stories of other people and how they cut their spending.  Hopefully you will enjoy this inspiration as much as I do.  The content here will be mainly articles and tips, but I will frequently poll my readers and find out the latest on frugality.  I hope to make this blog easy and comfortable reading for everyone who is conscious about their spending.
     I have gotten grief from others about never springing for even the cheapest vanities; however, for me this is a game/competition instead of a need.  Thus I hope that you will find some tips useful while some will be downright comical in the absurdity of saving a couple of pennies.  To support this blog and the time that I devote to it, I may eventually monetize it.  I believe that this will be far off though it will be done in an unobtrusive way so as to avoid detracting from the experience.
     This blog will only function well if I get to hear from you.  You can contact me with questions, comments, or concerns at frugalfixation [at]  I look forward to getting to know my audience as this blog develops.

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